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“Especially appreciate the personal touch”

QM is one of the few magazines that I really read, please read through the equally wegleg and again during a break. The magazine is also graphic using good quality photos. There is a great deal of attention to the readability of the articles. The leaf is well organized with relatively few commercials. Like to keep it, because a sheet with many ads or obvious editorials end up directly in the paper tray.

In addition to the good editorial content, I find the pretty pictures and formatting, especially the personal side of the sheet very fine. The interviews with colleagues, career changes, new employees, et cetera. As a result, I stay up to date on what moves people. That makes QM different and better than other trade magazines. I’m not interested in ‘ zelfverheerlijkings ‘ chats about a new location, the construction of a new wing or a great organised event. Who are the people in our MICE-box. That I find important to know.

Niels Klinkhamer Klinkhamer Conference Management

“Fruitful cooperation”

I would like to thank you for the professional way in which the leaflet on Meetings & Incentives in the South of Belgium. The editorial section was informative with an attractive design and that also applied to the pages of advertorials by the partners. The Ardennes, Brussels and Wallonia came well. The whole had the editorial look that we wanted to achieve.

Our partners in Belgium hope that the leaflet will encourage even more Dutch companies a meeting or team building in the green. The Ardennes are really overseas and they are in our back yard. A variety of meeting venues, special venues and Burgundian food and drinks. Thanks for this fruitful cooperation!

Nikoline van der Werf Director Tourism Belgium

“Fair journalism”

It’s Monday, February 13, 2012. I decide at 15:00 to take a late break. Just a breath of fresh air on this cold winter’s day. In a shop I discover a missed phone call from Edwin Nunnink. I call back right away. Edwin cross directly from shore, but I interrupt him and ask: “How are actually with your, Edwin?” He is passionate about ‘ his ‘ new acquisition Ferry Aaftink, the farewell of Mart and the new plans that they have cooked up for QM (even at night which brainstorms by, he entrusted me!).

To borrow from it directly I told him that we have a few strong formats have figured out for the next four ‘ Gelderland ‘ specials. One of them is an exchange of a day between two hotels, in which two general managers assess each other’s company. “Eérlijke journalism so”, I say, “that I am missing in other sheets still sometimes. You are an exception to this. QM is as far as I’m concerned the only trade magazine that really content. By current topics, great interviews and good professional photography, it is a sheet that I receive each month with great pleasure and read! “. Edwin is excited about the Exchange idea. He is coming back tomorrow afternoon.

Almost we hang on. Until Edwin realizes that he actually called me, with a special question. Or I sometimes something nice-he called it myself a testimonial I believe-would like to say about QM. But of course! When should the ready? “Eh … this week, actually”. “No problem!”, I say. I write the occurrence of even earlier on. My testimonial I have done!

Dagmar Kroezen Congresbureau Veluwe

"New customers, there goes 't to!"

We have the last few years a lot of new customers at the fair. With many of these companies, we have a long-term relationship. Also many of our regular customers grab PromZ Event to their new promotional range to find out.

A quick follow up of the few hundred new business contacts and concrete requests for quotes, is the most important. So we have every year our investment in PromZ Event can earn back. Both the first year, when we had a stand of 9 m 2, as the past few years with a stand of 120 m2.

André Noordwijk BeGlobal Promotions

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